Welcome to the Valley Model Meet & Greet. This group was started in May of last year by a group of local photographers, makeup artists and hairstylists who wanted to improve the quality and experience for models starting in the industry. The group has meets once a month at various locations in the lower mainland and is free for Models, Hairstylists and Make Up Artists to attend. The group of professionals has more than 60 members and the models group exceeds 200 members.

The meets are organized by the photographers as each month members take turns hosting. The location changes throughout the valley. The Meet & Greets are an actual shooting event. Models are informed of themes and bring clothing fitting the style. Models arrive at the location to find the photographers in different areas of the location as well as the hair and makeup people in place to prep them. The models them move from one photographer to the next spending 10-20 minutes with each shooter. The models will have the ability to change outfits hair and makeup style and shoot with as many photographers as time allows. Generally the meet and greet will last at least 4 hours. The shooter will then place links to the work for the models to download and add to their portfolio.

This project is open to any models with any level of expedience as the interaction between models is part of the networking plan. The group communicates primarily with the a forum page as well as Facebook! If you are a model, Makeup Artist or Hairstylist we would love to have you join us. Click the image above to go to register!


Posted: August 5, 2011 in Welcome